Prairie Wind Farm

Realising the North West's clean, green energy potential.

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The project

Driving Queensland's renewable energy future.

The Prairie Wind Farm is a proposed wind energy project that will generate up to 800MW of power from about 100 turbines, located on pastoral land near the rural township of Prairie, about 300km south-west of Townsville, Queensland.

Once operational, the project will have the capacity to provide clean, renewable electricity to meet the needs of one in every six households in Queensland.

Connecting to strategic transmission infrastructure, the project will coexist with the region’s agricultural industry, deliver important benefits to local communities and play a key role in supporting Queensland’s critical decarbonisation objectives.

The location

Successful coexistence with regional pastoralists, 300km west of Townsville.

The proposed Prairie location provides access to a quality wind resource, and the project is compatible with the existing land use of the area, coexisting with the region’s pastoral industry.

We are confident any potential project impacts can be managed in line with all regulatory requirements, and in a way that meets community and stakeholder expectations. We will continue to work closely with experts, community members and stakeholders to deliver on these high standards.

Above: Yellow shape indicates proposed project area

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The community

Building a lasting legacy by listening to local voices.

As a whole-of-asset-life proponent, Traditional Owners, regional landowners, neighbours and members of the Prairie community are long-term stakeholders in this project. We take their views seriously.

We are committed to building long-term, mutually beneficial relationships in the region by providing employment and procurement opportunities for Traditional Owners and suitably qualified locals, and supporting regional development initiatives that matter to the community.

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Our development approach

Responsible management driven by best-practice, local knowledge and expert advice.

We believe the most sustainable development decisions recognise the needs, interests and expertise of communities, stakeholders, scientists and decision makers.

We are committed to working with Traditional Owners, landowners and neighbours, the Prairie community and relevant stakeholders to protect environment and community values and responsibly manage any potential project impacts in a way that is backed by science, equitable and supported by local people.


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