Wide shot of renewable energy farm with field of solar panels in the foreground and row of wind turbines in the background.

The project

Unlocking North Queensland’s clean energy potential.

Windlab is developing the North Queensland Super Hub – a major clean energy precinct centred around Hughenden, 380km south-west of Townsville.

The North Queensland Super Hub will deliver more than 10GW of wind and solar energy.

The first projects are the 800MW Prairie Wind Farm and the 1.4GW Wongalee Wind Farm currently in detailed planning and with land agreements in place.

Construction on Prairie and Wongalee is expected to commence in 2025 with the projects producing power by 2027.


The location

The heart of Queensland’s renewable energy opportunity.

The North Queensland Super Hub is being developed on pastoral land around Hughenden in partnership with landowners, Traditional Owners, community members and other stakeholders.

The region is home to a high-yield, complimentary wind and solar resource and is ideally suited for multiple offtake opportunities. Renewable energy projects are also highly compatible with the existing use of the land as grazing country for livestock.

Image of wind turbines taken during sunset from the passenger seat of a car
Hughenden local standing in brush at sunset with wind turbines in the background.

Responsible development

We are the Renewable Generation.

Windlab exists to make fossil fuels obsolete. But science and business don’t progress on assumptions.

Our unrivalled track record, coupled with our decade-long presence in the Hughenden region and deep commitment to supporting better overall outcomes for local people, places and the planet ensures we’re uniquely placed to unlock this transformational opportunity and deliver lasting benefits we can all share.


An Australian company supporting the nation's clean energy transition.

For 20 years, Windlab has applied our world-leading science and globally recognised expertise to find, construct and operate the Australia’s top wind energy projects.

We engage locals and respect the needs and wishes of communities, and take pride in driving positive socioeconomic outcomes for regional Australia.

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